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The original recipe:

2 lbs spinach

1 bunch green onions

1 lb feta cheese crumbled

7 eggs

1 lb butter melted

1 lb phyllo dough


Drain spinach overnight in colander, cut stems

Chop spinach and onions in large mixing bowl

Add crumbled cheese, unbeaten eggs, S&P

Pour ½ melted butter to spinach mixture, toss lightly to combine

Brown 4 sheets individually at 350 in oven

6 pastry sheets in pan butter tops, then 1 baked sheet

Sprinkle with half spinach mix, then baked sheet then spinach, then 6 more buttered pastry sheets

350 1 hour – after 30 minutes remove from oven and pour leftover butter on top

What I did:

I made about half of the recipe, putting some in a loaf pan and some in a 9X9. I sauteed maybe 1/3 of a yellow onion and some green onion in butter. After a few minutes, I added a (washed) 10 oz bag of spinach. A few minutes later, I added 1/2 of a package of defrosted spinach to the pan. Some S&P, then I cooked it until there was no liquid left. I put that into I crumbled 8 oz of feta and 3 eggs (maybe 4, I can’t remember). I poured in a little butter too. Then I assembled the pies! If the dough got too damp, it ripped easily. But putting the dough on a damp towel and keeping it covered worked well. I baked the small pan at 350 for about 50 minutes, and 30 minutes in, I brushed with more butter. Maybe 10 minutes later, I put the pan directly on the bottom of the oven to crisp up the bottom. I tried them warm and room temp, and I will never eat them warm again. They were DELICIOUS, and I deeply regretted not baking more. I froze the 9×9 pan, and baked it a few days later. I didn’t defrost, I just spread a little more melted butter on top. Once again, they were pure amazing-ness. The only thing was that I didn’t cut into the first few layers before baking the 2nd time, so they were pretty messy to cut. I can’t wait to have these again on Thanksgiving!

Next time, I might try adding some different onions, like leeks or spring onions, to make them more like the RZ spanakopita recipe. I MIGHT try brushing at least some of it with olive oil, or regular butter. But I’ll probably make cheese pies first!


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