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I made Ina’s Ribollita today, and I’m so glad I did! I started by sautéing 1 1/2 onions and 3 slices of smoked bacon cut into large pieces. 7-10 minutes later, I added carrots, celery, garlic, S&P, and red pepper flakes. Later on, I added most of a head of kale coarsely chopped, along with a big spoonful of tomato paste, two cans of italian diced tomatoes, and some dried basil. I also added a rind of some gruyere cheese I used earlier. I pureed half of a can of beans with some juice, and added that and the rest of the drained beans into the pot. I also added a box of chicken stock. It simmered for 20 something minutes, then I added more salt and sourdough bread cubes. I didn’t care for the bread cooked in the soup, so next time I will serve this with toasted bread. I finished it will some parmesan cheese. I definitely will be making this again, because I loved it! And the family gushed about it for a long time. 🙂


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