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Sugar cookies compared

I made two batches of sugar cookie dough for the holidays. The first was Dorie Greenspan’s Grandma Sugar Cookie. This is a traditional recipe, with sugar and vanilla and butter. I made this dough at school, and it ended up being too dry and crumbly. At home, I made sure to measure the flour extra carefully and it was still too dry and crumbly. I added milk until the dough became soft and malleable, like it was supposed to be. This dough was hard to make shapes out of unless it was really cold, which I expected.

The second was Serious Eat’s Sugar Cookie. It had the additions of lemon zest, cream cheese, and almond extract. It also needed to be pretty cold to roll out and make shapes.

The majority prefered the SE sugar cookie, and everyone except my dad liked the thicker, non crunchy cookies better. Jacob chose the more traditional recipe as his favorite. These cooked anywhere from 8-12 minutes. Don’t let them brown at the edges!

I made a royal icing, using 2 egg whites, vanilla, lemon juice, and lots of powdered sugar. I started with 2 cups and increased it from there. You’ve reached the right consistency when a ribbon of icing disappears in the icing after 5 seconds. Decorating these cookies was fun, but after the first 20 or so it got really messy and we got tired. Some of the last ones were dipped in chocolate bark, but I don’t think chocolate and sugar cookies go together.

I took the SE sugar cookies to Christmas, since that recipe made a lot more. Everyone loved them and most of them were eaten before we even sat down to eat!


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