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The Chewy

I wanted to bring a dessert to Jenny’s New Year’s Eve party, and after a little bit of searching, I decided to make the supposedly amazing chewy cookies from Alton Brown. I amazingly had all of the ingredients, so I made the dough on the 30th and refridgerated it overnight. Today I used my new cookie scoop to make (a crapload) of little yummy chocolate chip cookies. I tasted one after it had cooled, and I’m a little torn. They tasted delicious, but not really chewy. They were a little closer to cake-y. I didn’t flatten them any, and they didn’t spread at all, so they didn’t really looked like the website picture. After some searching on the internet, it seems like every picture looks a little different though.

I brought them to the party and everyone really liked them. By the time I ate some, they were really chewy with a slightly crisp outside. Yum! I don’t know if they are the best cookie in the world, but I really really enjoyed them. If I made them again, I might make them bigger to see if there is a difference. I also might bake some after only refrigerating the dough an hour or so.


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