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Chicken nuggs

I combined FN’s Ritzy Chicken Nuggests and FN’s Panko Chicken Nuggets to make dinner tonight. The night before, I marinated the nuggs in buttermilk, hot sauce, and S&P sprinkled on the chicken. I felt like I used a lot of hot sauce (maybe 10-15 drops.) I didn’t think the chicken was hot, but it was juicy and flavorful. For the breading, I used 2 small packets of Ritz crackers, a couple of handfuls of panko, garlic powder, cayenne, and italian seasoning for the breading. The breading was very tasty, even the ones with lots of cayenne. I feel like I used a LOT of cayenne, but the flavor is pretty subtle. I don’t think using Ritz added much, but it was cool to do something different. I did some experimenting by baking a couple on a wire rack at 400 for 20 or so minutes. I even sprayed them with cooking spray, but they didn’t get as crispy as I wanted so I fried them too. 😛 I wish I had a special method or time or tips for frying, but I just don’t. I used a small pan so I could use less oil and still cover 1/3 to 1/2 of the nuggets. The finished ones hung out in a 175 degree oven. I really liked these, but I don’t think I’ll make nuggets again for a while. It takes too long to fry each one and I got bored! The same thing happens when I fry meatballs. Having two skillets going helps though, I’m definitely heating up two skillets next time.


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