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KA White Sandwich Bread

Dang this bread was really really good! It was pretty sweet and rich because of the sugar and butter. Mine wasn’t as sticky as the directions and pictures said, and it flattened on top a little. I emailed the bakers at KA, and they said it could have been a result of too much water. I agree, because I ended up adding a little more than the recommended amounts. The bread rose perfectly and in less time than the recipe stated. The slightly warmed oven might have helped some. The bread could have also fallen because of over-rising. I remembered to do the finger test after the first hour and it passed. However, I figured I’d let it rise a little longer. So that could have been another problem. No worries though, because the bread was delicious and it sliced easily, making a perfect turkey and avocado/mayo/bacon spread sandwich!


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