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This was my first attempt at wheat bread, and I’m glad I picked this recipe…it was delicious! I put the ingredients in the bread machine (yeast last, after it dissolved in water) and used the basic dough cycle. I knew it would taste awesome because of the smell. The kneading/1st rise took 1:37. Unfortunately, the next step gave me some problems. I put the loaf in the pan and set the timer for 75 minutes. When I peeked at the bread after about 30 minutes, it had risen a lot more than the recipe recommended. I preheated the oven and baked it as soon as I could, but the loaf still fell. I was a little bummed, because this recipe is KAF guaranteed. I read some of the reviews and others had the same problem. I liked the loaf, it sliced well and held up to my egg salad without crumbling, but I wanted a big, beautiful loaf like the picture. At least I know what went wrong, because I’m trying again tomorrow night! (If time allows.)

Also, the bread took longer than 35 minutes to reach 190 degrees, and the edges got a little hard. Hopefully that won’t happen next time!

So…attempt #2. Same thing happened. It wasn’t as bad, but it still sunk. I only let the dough rise in the pan for 28 minutes this time. I actually called KA flour, and they said it was probably from too much liquid. I also figured out that in a bread machine, liquids go in first. Do I dare try again? Maybe sometime, but not for a while.


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