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I’ve never had a bread control my entire day…until now. This was, hands down, the most time-consuming bread I’ve ever made. But it was TOTALLY worth it.

My starter was a little different from the picture. It was a little drier, and it didn’t have a lot of bubbles. I could tell there were some underneath the surface, so I continued. I had a little more than 1/16 tsp of yeast in there. Other than that, my bread looked exactly like the pictures, and the timings were correct. I had a add a little extra water when mixing because I used bread flour. My final rise was 1 hr, 15 minutes, and I used the heat of the oven towards the end because I wanted the loaves a little bigger. They cooked for exactly 25 minutes, and I let them cool in the oven. The bread tasted awesome, and the crust was nice and crispy. I was pleased with the holes in the bread also. I read that a wetter dough makes more holes, so that’s something to think about next time I need a holy bread. However, I would think that a wet dough would be really hard to roll out and shape.

Oh yeah, my rolling and shaping was really good, thanks to the step-by-step pictures. I’m so proud of these loaves, I didn’t make any mistakes, everything went the way I wanted, and there’s nothing I would change.






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