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Coq Au Vin

First of all, the smell while this dish was cooking, and for several hours later, was amazing. Even though this dish wasn’t perfect, and there is lots of room for changes and improvement, I’m motivated to try again just because of the smell.

Not bad, but I see room for improvement. I started with a whole chicken minus 1 breast. The chicken breast wasn’t that good in the end (overcooked a little?), but the rest of the chicken pieces had a good wine flavor. I just thought it needed a little more. I need to get a burgundy wine, and use more wine next time. I used 1 1/2 cups assorted red wine (what I had on hand), and more than 2 cups chicken stock. I just used the rest of the carton that I had. The juices almost completely covered the chicken. It was a little lighter than the pictures, probably because of the wine I used.

One thing I’m not sure what to do about is the chicken skin. I personally don’t like chicken skin. Especially after it’s been simmering in liquid for about an hour. All I did was brown it; I didn’t take the time to dry it off (because I forgot) or flour it. If enough of the people I’m serving like chicken skin, I would use Anne Burrell’s techniques to get better skin. If most of the people share my opinion, I might just remove it. The skin soaked up a lot of the flavorings, but got all soggy and weird. I’d rather the chicken get all of the yumminess.

I would not use a smoked bacon either, I’d probably go for pancetta. I’m glad I poured off a lot of the bacon grease before adding the liquid. There ended up being plenty of fat at the end anyway.I would also thicken the sauce a little bit more.

I think I used 4 mushrooms, cut up into bite size pieces. I’m not sure why, but most recipes said to cook them seperately in butter and add them after the oven time. Next time, I would cook at 250 instead of 350 and give the chicken more time to soak in the flavors. I would still check it at 30 minutes though. I didn’t use cipollini onions, but next time I would, because I know if I made it again, it would be amazing!

I had the option of using tomato paste, but I left it out. If I had added it when Anne said to, my sauce might have been thicker. I used a handful of thyme and 1 bay leaf.

I used a combination of the Pioneer woman’s recipe and Ina’s recipe.

So I reheated a drumstick in some of the juice today and the flavors were really really good. I was pleasantly surprised, so I definitely would want to cook it slower next time to allow more time for the flavors to develop. And I would probably go with boneless skinless thighs, just because that’s what I prefer.  The sauce didn’t thicken anymore when I reheated it, but it was so good that I didn’t mind. I almost didn’t eat the leftovers because in the fridge, the sauce pretty much turns into a weird looking jelly. Good thing I reheated it though! I would have missed out.


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