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The reasons these two recipes share a post are 1) they are pretty fattening, because they use heavy cream, and 2) they just weren’t that good.

I really like Fontina cheese, but that was the only thing I really liked about the Fontina mac and cheese. It seemed more like pasta with cheese sauce that became grainy on the top half and smoother on the bottom. I know that heating up cheese too much causes grainy-ness, so I did everything to avoid that. I think that overall, baked mac and cheese will lose it’s creaminess. I don’t think I’ll be baking my mac and cheese next time. I’ll have to do some experimenting. I might stop using breadcrumbs, and sprinkle extra cheese on top and broil the mac and cheese. I also have recipes saved that use cream cheese or egg and then are baked. If I do bake again, I’ll do a max of 15 minutes. I’m getting tempted to use velveeta…not really cheese but I know it will be creamy.

Sometimes, I listen to my gut. Sometimes, like today, I ignore it. The chicken lazone on Recipezaar has 500 good reviews, but it just sounded too simple to me. Seasoned, un-marinated or un-brined chicken breast? Swimming in a sauce of fat? But I figured it was one of those recipes where you take simple ingredients and turn them into something awesome. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I cut the chicken into pieces to cut down on the cooking time and have more surface area for seasoning. Everything smelled awesome when it was browning, but it didn’t have that much taste. And all I felt was guilt after eating that sauce. I did add some milk so I wouldn’t have to use the full amount of cream, but still. The sauce seemed a little powder-y, and I had no urge to drink it like so many others. At least it was creamy though!


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