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Toffee crunch mini cupcakes

I made these mini for christmas and they were a huge hit! I used cute christmas mini muffin liners and dipped the top in the ganache. Oh, and I stirred in a few spoonfuls of leftover caramel into the ganache. Jacob ate it by the spoonful, haha. I halved the recipe and had like 50+ cupcakes. They baked at 350 anywhere from 9-11 minutes. The frosting, although a lot of work, was amazing. The texture was perfect and the caramel rocked. I think I added more caramel than it said to. The toffee bits soften after the first day, so I sprinkled them on top the day of serving. These cupcakes stayed moist for days, then I froze some, defrosted, and they were still moist after a few more days. I was concerned they would have a hint of coffee flavor because I could taste it in the batter, but there was no coffee taste in the cupcakes. I also burnt the caramel a teeny tiny bit but I went ahead with the frosting and it was unnoticeable.



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