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Lobster thermidor

Oh wow, this is one of my new favorite meals. Mainly because Jacob and I got to prepare it together! He dealt with ripping apart the lobster, while I developed some amazing flavors for the sauce. This is not a quick recipe, and there are a lot of different steps. Which is why it tastes so good! I streamlined the recipe a little, but I mostly stuck to the (halved) original. I started with 1/2 of the steaming liquid, and threw our 1 1/4 lb lobster in the pot for 13-14 minutes. The mushrooms were prepared according to the recipe. I could not figure out where the lobster coral or green matter were, so that step was omitted. I made the sauce in the same pot as the steaming liquid, once I strained it into a bowl. Once it was made, I put it in a different bowl and the cream on top wasn’t necessary. I sauteed the lobster in the same slkileet as the mushrooms. I simply mixed the egg yolk and mustard together before in a big bowl before adding the mushrooms and sauteed lobster. I didn’t use the full amount of cognac or cream. I didn’t use all of the sauce and I didn’t pour any on top. I sprinkled with lots of parmesan but left out the butter. 




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