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Seafood chowder

A delicious Valentine’s day meal! It is important to thicken the soup before adding the fish. I couldn’t get the soup to thicken after adding the fish because I didn’t want the fish to overcook. So after we ate, I strained out the fish and veggies, and boiled/simmered the liquid until it thickened. I added extra cream but eventually I cheated and added a cornstarch/water mix. I think the standard equal fat to flour ratio isn’t enough to make a thickened creamy soup. So next time I will add more flour.  I used carrot, celery, onion sautéed in a mix of bacon fat and butter. I added garlic and thyme. I used about 4 ish cups of seafood stock, a healthy splash of wine, and maybe 1 cup of cream/milk. I stirred in a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes and diced roasted russet potatoes. I though roasting them would make me like potatoes in my soup more, but I ended up picking them out. Nothing was wrong with them, I would just rather eat the other stuff. The fish I used was diced cod, small scallops, and minced clams with their juice. I got about 1/2 lb of each. I lightly sautéed the cod in butter but that step isn’t really necessary. I garnished with minced green onions and diced bacon.

My stock was made a while ago and frozen. I used lobster shells and shrimp shells, along with leftover veggies.




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