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Slutty brownie

Served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce, this was the most decadent, evil dessert ever. But it was so good! It was my dinner one Friday night. I used the Baked chocolate chip recipe and only made 1/2. I used about 2/3 of the dough and spread it into my 9×5 loaf pan covered in foil. I made my favorite brownie recipe from King Arthur that promises brownies that aren’t too fudgy or too cakey. I made 1/2 of that recipe and poured that on top. The brownie layer was really thick on the corners because that part got baked the most. The middle was a little too under baked/fudgy for me. I baked for 40 minutes + (most recipes say 30-35 minutes) but I guess opening and closing the oven slows down baking a lot. I would probably use 2/3 of 1/2 of the KA recipe and not even check the brownies for 35-37 minutes. Plus, I reeeeally need an oven thermometer. I put some caramel chocolate squares in between the two layers.



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