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NY style crumb cake

The cake has a great soft, fluffy texture and the sour cream makes it taste great. The topping is delicious too BUT there is wayyyy too much. I made 2/3 of the recipe and I still had some leftover! I served this at Easter and it was well liked. I sautéed a leftover piece split in half the long way in butter and served with ice cream, haha. It was good!



BBQ sweet potato corn black bean salad

I wanted a salad to impress with a lot of components, and this was a good one! I grilled the sweet potatoes, simply with olive oil, salt and pepper. I made the corn/black bean relish the day before and I stirred in a little of the bbq ranch to keep the veggies moist. I served over romaine lettuce. The only thing missing was a tortilla chip garnish! And maybe some feta. But I served with the bbq chicken burgers, so I didn’t want the salad to be really really heavy.


BBQ chicken burgers

I served these to my dad and grandparents when I went home for a day. They really enjoyed them! I used my go-to bbq sauce and ground chicken thighs. My breadcrumbs were a mix of bread and tortilla chips processed in the food processor (instead of cornmeal.) I even added leftover mojo pulled pork that I processed in the food processor. A lot of bloggers left this part out, but I had some, so why not use it? I didn’t add the brown sugar because my sauce is pretty sweet already. I served with grilled red onions and bbq sauce on the side. My cheese of choice was smoked gouda.


Thai peanut noodles

I saw this recipe and thought Jacob would really like it. I wasn’t crazy about it, but it was pretty good. And Jacob really enjoyed it! I don’t know how he tasted anything but srarchia. I used the minimum amount in the recipe, but I offered the bottle to Jacob for his portion. I would have liked the sauce to be a little thicker.


Crab brie bisque

Since I don’t like using one stick of butter/one half cup of flour in my roux and I never add more than 1/4 cup cream, my soups come out on the thin side.   They are always delicious but sometimes I want a thicker product. I only used two tablespoons butter and 3 tablespoons flour. I simmered my soup for a loooong time, probably an hour before adding the cream and after adding the cheese. I also cheated and used the cornstarch trick too. My palate will never be able to tell, haha. I used homemade lobster/shrimp stock from the freezer. In total, I used four cups of seafood stock, 1/2 cup of wine, and 1/4 cup and cream. And six ounces of Brie, yummmm. My veggies were 3/4 of a yellow onion, two anorexic carrots, and half of a jalapeño. I roasted a head of garlic and tossed that in too. I used fresh thyme, a few sprinkles of Old Bay, and cayenne for flavoring.  I would have added a bay leaf but I totally forgot. This made 35 oz, or four servings.





I have made gyros before using Alton Brown’s loaf pan method and they were good. But this version is slightly better. The author of the recipe compares the texture of gyro meat to sausage, so he uses the food processor to mix the meat and turn it pasty. The meat, after baking and cooling, sliced beautifully and was perfectly crisp and juicy after a few minutes in the broiler. I served with seasoned tomatoes and cucumbers, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce (with red wine vinegar.) My pita bread is actually my soft wrap bread. The rested pieces puffed up beautifully in the hot skillet.

I used gyro seasoning that my grandma got me from Greece. I’m not exactly sure what is in it, so I’m going to be sad when it runs out!


Sausage kolache

These were great for lunches. They freeze and reheat in the microwave perfectly. They need some mustard or something to dip in. I put jalapeños inside, along with the cheese and little smokies. I thought I did a good job of sealing the edges but cheese managed to escape from several of them when baking.