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Chicken caesar burgers

My first use of my kitchen aid meat grinder attachment! it was a little tricky to use, but I’m learning! It takes a long time but it produces a good grinded meat. Read the instructions! For burgers, I used 8 oz ground chicken thigh, 2 tbsp caesar dressing (my go to from Kittencal,) a few sprinkles of lemon juice and worchestershire sauce, a touch of anchovy paste, 1/2 tsp each of salt and pepper. To bind, I ground up 1 slice of bread that I toasted after slathering it with homemade garlic butter. I really wanted to eat these burgers with a fried egg, and I thought a burger bun, cheese, dressing, egg, lettuce, and a chicken patty was a little excessive. So I went all low-carb, bun less burger style. I’m a little ashamed, but it was a great combo. I essentially made a chicken caesar salad, complete with parmesan and skillet toasted croutons. Instead of lame shredded chicken, I topped the salad with a chicken patty. I cooked the egg in the same skillet. FYI, the egg should only be added after the burgers are flipped. 





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