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I love love love the soft wrap bread recipe from King Arthur Flour. It is not a tortilla and not a pita, but somewhere in the middle. I always struggle with getting a good pita puff when I make a pita recipe, but I accidentally made pitas with my latest batch of wrap bread! The very first one turned pita on me when I was dry roasting it in the skillet between heat level 6 and 7. It took me five more wrap breads to figure out exactly what made the bread puff, because the next couple puffed only a little. But here’s the secret! Once the balls have rested and you roll them out to a 6-7 inch circle (or oval, or funny lumpy shape,) let them rest AGAIN. Uncovered, on the counter, in the shape you plan on cooking. The reason this happened the first time is because I rolled out my wrap bread and then realized the stove wasn’t on. I heated up the skillet and then went to watch tv for a while. When I returned to the kitchen and tossed my first pita in the skillet, it made a perfectly round puff. 🙂 FYI, I make nine breads out of the recipe instead of the suggested eight. 



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