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Pecan pie bars!

I made Brown Eyed Baker’s pecan pie bars last friday, so we could eat them for the Texas Tech whoopage against Nebraska! I cooked the crust maybe 13-14 minutes, then poured the filling on top. I used milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet because I accidentally picked up the wrong bag. Oh well, they tasted great on the bars! I baked them for the minimum time, checked them, and freaked out because I could see a lot of brown. I figured I burnt them to a crisp, but they actually turned out great! They were so hard to get out of the pan though because the crust wanted to stick to the pan. Once I butchered the first few, the rest came out better because I could slowly peel the bar off of the bottom without messing up (most of) the crust. The edges were somewhat crunchy, and some of the middle pieces were really soft. No part was bad, but the textures of the bottom and sides were kind of inconsistent. Don’t really know what to change next time though. 😛 Probably nothing, because they were so good! I will use aluminum foil next time though, hopefully that will help make them easier to get out of the pan and into my mouth!