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Pumpkin muffins (if you can call them that)

So tonight around 10:30 I got the sudden urge to make MR pumpkin cranberry muffins. Everything was going great. I rehydrated the cranberries (technically craisins) in water, microwaved covered with a paper towel for 1 minute. I mixed the dry ingredients, subtracting a little bit of the cloves, adding more cinnamon, and adding 1/4 tsp of allspice. I mixed the wet, increasing the buttermilk a little and decreasing the sugar a little. I mixed the wet and dry together, stirred in the cranberries, and off the the oven they went. They smelled amazing, but…remained gooey on the inside, even after I obviously cooked them too long. What went wrong? I had no idea. I searched all around the internet, looking at other recipes, trying to get clues while choosing another recipe. Then I realized. I forgot the baking soda. I’m pretty sure that explains the almost pumpkin pie like center and the fact that they didn’t rise and have a bread/muffin-y texture. Oh well, I’ll be making them again soon! The smell of them oven, as well as the taste of the batter convince me to give these muffins one more chance before picking another recipe. Good thing you can freeze canned pumpkin!

Update – The idea of having a failed baking project on my record was bugging me, so I remade the muffins (just half of the recipe) and added baking soda. What do you know, they turned out awesome! Apparently baking soda is an important ingredient. =)