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Spank o pizza

Same ingredients as the RR greek turkey burger, but on a pizza! Topping was great, didn’t measure much. Pretty much cut everything in half. Jacob suggested using tomato sauce next time.

I used Giada’s Roman Pizza dough, and added a little honey. I used half bread flour, half all purpose. Dough was a little stiff to work with, and it didn’t rise much. I did a better job rolling out the dough than when I made Tyler’s grilled pizza, but I should shape the risen dough into a ball after punching it. I rolled once, then turned a little bit. The cooked dough was brown and cracker-like on the edges. I wish the pizza had been crispy throughout, bu the middle was pretty ┬ábread-y and not soft, like when you get pizza delivered. It tasted good though, especially cause of the oregano sprinkled on top. I found a few good sites with tips.




Probably won’t make pizza dough anytime soon, but next time I’m aiming for something softer and fluffier, ┬ámaybe something like when you order a whole pizza at One Guy’s.